Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Year (almost), A New Blog

I never make New Year's resolutions.  I'm not against resolutions themselves--I make them all the time (with varying results).  But making them just because it's January has always seemed arbitrary to me.  However, there have been a lot of changes in my life in the past year.  This year, I moved to a new state, started a new job, and had to change my diet for health reasons.  It's taken some time to adjust, but I'm now settling into my new life, and I'm happy to say that the changes have been all for the better.  I've been able to spend more time on little things that I enjoy, which is great.  I decided to make a resolution to take some time each day and do something for myself, no matter how small.

The name of this blog is Baubles and Treats.  My purpose here is simply to share some of the little things that I enjoy, whether it's a new recipe, beauty product, or piece of jewelry.  I figure that we all have enough to do and think about each day, but maybe a little treat (or bauble) can add a bright spot.

So, welcome and thanks for reading.  I hope you find my posts to be useful, entertaining, and fun.

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