Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wantable Accessories Box: September 2014 Review

One of the great things about Wantable is that you have the option to suspend your subscription whenever you want.  Since I have so much jewelry, I occasionally skip a month of my Wantable accessories box subscription, but I always end up going back!  This month, the box was supposed to feature fall fashion, such as bold jewel tones and geometric shapes.  Here's what I got:

Cate and Chloe Savannah Bar Earrings:  I believe Cate and Chloe offers its own jewelry subscription box, and their items have a fairly high retail value, so I was very surprised to see this in my box.  The Savannah Bar earrings are simple yet glamorous.  Unfortunately, they were tarnished when they arrived.  Fortunately, they are apparently sterling silver (stamped with .925), and I was able to clean them so that they are nice and shiny again!  I really like these earrings and will be able to wear them a lot.

Lauren Earrings:  These are cute, although they seem more appropriate for spring and summer to me.  Maybe because of the light color?  Either way, I do like them.

Kai Bracelet:  This is a very pretty, simple bracelet.  I like the warm color, and I will be able to wear it for just about any occasion!

Aimee Necklace:  This necklace isn't my usual style, but I really like it!  The description of it definitely doesn't fit any "fall" theme, though, since it suggests that the necklace should be worn with a sundress or a coral top.  

I did like all of the items in this month's Wantable accessories box.  However, most of the pieces seemed to be more appropriate for the summer and didn't really seem to follow the fall theme that was mentioned on the information sheet for this month.  I'm sure that next month's box will have more fall-appropriate jewelry, though, so I'll look forward to that!

Did you get a Wantable box this month?  What did you think of it?  If you are interested in subscribing, the subscription costs $36/month, but you can also buy a single box for $40.  You can learn more about it and subscribe by clicking here.   

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