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Social Bliss Style Box: January 2014 Review

The Social Bliss Style Box is a new subscription service that sends a monthly box filled with on-trend fashion items.  The box costs $39.95 a month plus $7.95 shipping, and the total value of the items is supposed to be at least $100.  The first Style Boxes were shipped this month, and I liked the idea of a trendy fashion box.  I was a little nervous to subscribe to a completely new subscription service without knowing how it would be, but I liked the description of it and so I decided to take a chance.  Social Bliss also has a return policy if you don't like your box, which isn't always the case for subscription box services.  

My box arrived yesterday.  It shipped from CA and only took three days to get to me on the East Coast.  Here's what I got:

Information card.  I'm a little put off by all the spelling mistakes...but I like this box, so I'll let it slide...this time, anyway...

The first item in the box was a fedora.  I've never been a "hat person."  I once bought a floppy straw hat to wear to the beach, but otherwise I hardly wear them, even knit hats in the winter.  So I wasn't initially too excited about this.  However, when I tried it on, I actually liked the way it looked.  This is what I love about subscription boxes like this--they can send me things that I've never tried before and sometimes push me out of my comfort zone as long as I keep an open mind.  The only problem with this hat is that it's a little too big for me.  Someone on the Makeup Talk message board recommended twisting my hair up and wearing it under the hat, so I will have to try that and see if it helps.  Either way, though, I'm glad I tried the hat and think I might even want to start wearing them in the future!

The next item was a blue leather clutch with gold studs and spikes.  I have a lot of purses, but none like this.  I am a big fan of this clutch and plan on using it when I go out.  It's the perfect accessory to add a little bit of an edge to an outfit.  It comes with a clip-on strap that goes around your wrist.  I would have preferred if the strap were longer so that I could use it as a shoulder or crossbody bag, but I'm still very happy with this.  The quality of the leather and stitching also looks great.

The next item was NYX Cosmetics Smokey Look Kit.  This has a variety of eye shadows, as well as two shades of lip gloss.  It's a very wearable set of colors for me, and it's a nice compact size to keep in a purse.  This isn't the most exciting thing for me to get in a subscription box, especially since I already have more than enough eyeshadow.  But I'm sure I will either use this or give it as a gift.

The final item was the Balle Silver Necklace by Shield and Honor.  This is a really interesting necklace that has an inspiring message behind it.  It is made from a spent shell casing from a .308 caliber bullet and is encrusted with Swarovski crystals.  The founder of Shield and Honor first created this type of necklace as a tribute to her grandfather, who had been a WWII veteran.  I like the idea of this, but it's not really my style, so I will have to find someone else who would like it.

Even though I won't be using every item, I was very happy with the Social Bliss Style Box.  This box is definitely more "on-trend" than other ones that I've seen, which is a good thing! I think it was well-curated this month and has a lot of potential.  I'm looking forward to continuing my subscription and having the chance to expand my fashion horizons a bit during the upcoming months.

If you are interested in subscribing to Social Bliss, click here.

Did you receive the Social Bliss box this month?  How did you like it?

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