Thursday, January 30, 2014

Taste Guru Box: January 2014 Review

Earlier this month, I bought a Groupon for a three-month subscription to Taste Guru, a subscription service that delivers a box of gluten-free foods every month.  I had to eliminate gluten from my diet several months ago, and I have been on the lookout ever since for tasty food that I can still eat.  I was definitely looking forward to this box, so I was very excited when it finally arrived today!  Here's what I got:

The first item in the box was Popcorn Indiana Drizzled Black and White Kettlecorn.  I LOVE this popcorn!  A few years ago, when I lived in Philadelphia, I used to go to a store called Dale and Thomas that sold these "drizzled" varieties of popcorn.  I believe the stores are closed now, but the company sells the bagged version under the name Popcorn Indiana.  I haven't had this in years, and I missed it!  Actually, the Black and White was my favorite flavor, so I was so happy to get this in my box.  This stuff is definitely addictive, and I had to restrain myself from eating the entire bag!

The next item in the box was DREAM Blends Dark Chocolate Almond, Cashew & Hazelnut Drink.  I am lactose intolerant, so I have become familiar with various milk alternatives.  I enjoy both almond and cashew milk (I've never seen hazelnut milk anywhere), so I was curious to try this product.  I had it today after my workout, and it was perfect as a post-exercise drink.  I thought it tasted just like chocolate flavored almond milk; I couldn't tell there were cashews and hazelnuts in it.  It tasted great, though, and it was low in fat and only 110 calories per serving.  I also liked the convenient on-the-go box (it had a little straw attached too).  

I was hoping I would taste the cashew and hazelnut "milks" in this, and it has inspired me to try to make my own nut milk blend.  I have made cashew milk before, and I've had good results, so maybe I can play around with the proportions of the nuts and come up with something good.  I will post the recipe if I do!

Next was Cooksimple Punjabi Curry with Coconut and Brown Rice.  This looks like a quick and easy way to prepare a healthy and flavorful meal.  All you have to do is add water (or coconut milk if you have it) and meat or tofu.  I have a block of tofu in the fridge that I've been trying to find a use for, so I think this will be it.  I will cook this for dinner tomorrow.

The next item was Vigilant Eats Superfood Oat-Based Cereal in Goji-Cacao.  This is a single-serving cup of cereal made with gluten-free oats, goji berries, cacao nibs, hemp flour, and other organic and healthy ingredients.  Apparently, you just need to add cold water (yes, cold), and the cereal is ready to eat.  This looks very interesting, and I will eat this tomorrow, either for breakfast or lunch at work.  If I like it, I may end up buying more of these.  

The next item was Uncle Dougie's Wicked Good No Fry Wing Marinade.  This would be a great addition to a Super Bowl or any other party.  I will have to get some wings and try this out soon!

The last product in the box was Schar Parbaked Baguettes.  This was a pack of two large baguettes that you have to bake for 5 minutes.  Oh, this made me so happy.  I have very high hopes for this bread.  The gluten-free bread that I've eaten so far is better than no bread at all, but it's less than ideal in terms of texture.  I haven't opened this package yet, but the texture of the rolls seems comparable to regular bread.  I hope it is!  If so, I am going to have to come up with a celebratory sandwich idea!

This was a terrific box.  I am always so happy to find gluten-free food that is convenient and tastes good.  I am very happy that I found this deal on Groupon.  If the next two boxes are up to the standard of this one, I will probably continue my subscription after March.

Did you get the Taste Guru box?  What did you think of it?

If you are interested in subscribing to Taste Guru, click here.

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