Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wantable Accessories Box: February 2014 Review

I didn't get a shipping notification email, so I wasn't expecting it, but my February Wantable accessories box appeared in my mailbox the other day.  This is my third box from Wantable, and so far I haven't been too excited by what I've received (see my December and January reviews).  However, Wantable has an easy return policy, so there's no risk in continuing my subscription--if I don't like a box, I can just send it back!  After the last box, I changed some of my preferences in my style profile, so I hoped that this one would have more of what I like.  Here's what I got:

First look

The first item in the box was the Olivia headband.  I don't wear a lot of headbands, but this had a pretty pattern and looked nice when I put it on.  I don't think I would pay the stated retail value of $24 for it, though.

The next item, according to the enclosed information sheet, was a pair of earrings.  However, this is what I received instead:  

I like the pattern of these socks, but I don't have much use for them.  I don't like wearing socks indoors unless it is very cold and I can't avoid it, and I wouldn't really wear socks like these to go out.  I don't remember if there is an option for socks in the style profile, but I'll have to double check.

The next item in the box was the Philomena ring.  This is a cute ring, but, even though it is supposed to be my size, it just doesn't fit.  I can wear it on my pinky finger, but I don't really want to do that.  This is the second ring I've gotten in a Wantable box that was too small, so maybe I will increase my ring size in my style profile.  If a ring I get is too big, I can always wear it on my index or middle finger.  

The last item was the Osbourne scarf.  According to the information sheet, this features a "chic combination of animal print and skulls in a versatile gray and black print."  Now, I know that skulls are in style right now, but honestly I just don't like them.  I'd be fine with the animal print on this scarf, but the skulls ruin it for me.  

Unfortunately, this box really struck out for me.  The only thing I would wear is the headband, but I'm not too excited about that, and it's certainly not worth the $36 I paid for the box.  So I guess this one is going back.  I feel like I've just been really unlucky with these boxes.  I never thought I was very picky about accessories, but I keep getting variations of items that I don't like.  For example, take the December box: I like earrings, I like large earrings, and I like hoop earrings.  But I don't like large hoop earrings.  This time:  I like scarves, and I like most prints, but I hate skulls.  Not to mention the rings I've gotten (in every box!) that would have been fine if they had only fit.  I will go back through my style profile again and hope for the best for next month.

I've heard great things about both the intimates and makeup boxes from Wantable, so maybe I will check those out.  If you are interested in Wantable, click here.

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