Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Taste Guru Box: February 2014 Review and Promo Code

My second Taste Guru box arrived today!  Taste Guru is a subscription service that delivers gluten-free foods to you every month.  I was very happy with last month's box, so I had high hopes for this one!

There was an enclosed information card describing the companies that provided the products this month.

The first products were Dr. McDougall's soups in Pad Thai and Tortilla Soup.  Soup is always welcome in this weather, and these are convenient to take to work or eat whenever I don't have a lot of time.  I love both Thai and Mexican food, so I am looking forward to trying these.

Next was Viviana Linguini.  I already have gluten-free pastas from different brands that I like, and I never really ate much pasta to begin with (even when I used to eat gluten).  I'll certainly use this, but it doesn't excite me too much.  Maybe a gluten-free pasta sauce would have been better?

Next was Apple Crisp Oatmeal by Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods.  I used to make oatmeal in my crockpot and eat it every morning for breakfast, but lately I've gotten out of the habit.  This looks tasty and I'm sure I will have it for breakfast sometime in the next few days. 

Next, there were three small bags of snacks:  Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables chips, Snapz Apple Crisps, and Poplets toasted corn centers with Chile Picante flavor.  I ate the Snikiddy chips, and I really enjoyed them.  They had a richer, more complex flavor than regular potato chips.  The bag was a single serving, and I wish it had been larger.  I have had apple chips before, and they are always a good snack.  I tried the Poplets and also liked them.  They are quite crunchy, and I wouldn't have realized that they were corn.  They almost remind me of roasted soybeans.  

I didn't like this box as much as last month's.  I would have preferred a larger size of at least one of the snacks and more variety in types of food (as opposed to three snacks).  However, I am sure that I will eat and enjoy all of the items in this box, so it is a win overall.  

I bought my subscription to Taste Guru using a Groupon.  In this box, there was a promo code for Groupon subscribers.  You can use the code RENEW20 and get 20% off any subscription if you are a Groupon member.  If you would like to sign up for Groupon, click here, and if you are interested in learning about or subscribing to Taste Guru, click here.

Do you subscribe to Taste Guru?  Are there any other food subscription boxes that you like?

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