Monday, February 10, 2014

Your Bijoux Box: February 2014 Review and Promo Code

My eagerly anticipated February Your Bijoux Box arrived today!  I had tried to remain spoiler free so that I would be surprised when I opened the box, but I accidentally saw a picture of the jewelry in a Your Bijoux Box blog post this morning.  Oops!  I was still very excited to get home and see my jewelry, though.  Here's what I got:

As usual, the box included an information card detailing each piece of jewelry and giving styling tips.

The first piece was the Celine necklace.  A picture of this was released as a spoiler at the end of January, so I was expecting it.  What I wasn't expecting, however, was the fact that the pictures don't even begin to do this piece justice (neither do mine).  It has gray stones alternating with crystals and would be great for a special occasion.  When I took the necklace out of the bag, all I saw were sparkles as the crystals caught the light.  Even the silver chain seemed to be glittering.  The chain is sturdy and well-made.  I don't know how often I will have occasion to wear this necklace, but I am definitely happy to have it for my next evening out!

Next were the Jolie Statement Drops.  These earrings were somewhat larger than I was expecting, but I really like them.  They are definitely attention-catching!  They also seem to go with the Snow Flower necklace from last month, so I will have to try them on together and see how they look.  I'm not sure if that would be too much sparkle at once, but I think it could work.

The last piece was the Love Note Pendant.  This was my favorite item in the box.  It is also larger than I was expecting it to be, but that only makes it more interesting.  The necklace consists of a crystal pendant on a long gold chain.  It's not very noticeable, but if you look closely, you will notice that the center crystal is shaped like a heart!  It's adorable, and contributes to the unique and special quality of this necklace.  I can't wait to wear this!

As you can probably tell, I was very happy with this box.  I think I liked this one even more than January's.  Your Bijoux Box is my favorite subscription, and I'm only sorry that I didn't know about it earlier!  (Speaking of which, if anyone knows of a way I can get my hands on the blue and gold druzy necklace from the December box, let me know--I've been wanting it since I first saw pictures!).  Your Bijoux Box may also be sending out some more everyday pieces in addition to statement items starting in a few months.  I am happy about that because as much as I like the sparkles, I also would love to have more pieces I can wear to work and for more casual occasions.  

Subscriptions for Your Bijoux Box are $35/month.  If you use the coupon code SPARKLES when you sign up, you will get an extra piece of jewelry in your first box!  If you are interested in subscribing, click here.

Do you subscribe to Your Bijoux Box?  What did you think of this month's jewelry?

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