Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag: February 2014 Review

My Ipsy delivery was delayed a few days because of the snow here, but I found it in my mailbox yesterday.  I had already looked at my Glam Room on Ipsy's website, so I knew what I was getting, but I didn't know what colors everything would be.  This month's theme was "The Look of Love."

Each month, Ipsy sends the products inside a makeup bag.  This month's bag was pink with a patterned lining.  It's cute and will certainly come in handy.

The first item in the bag was POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini lip gloss in Fuchsia Freesia.  I haven't opened this yet because I can tell that the color, a bright pink, is all wrong for me, and I am hoping to be able to trade it for another shade. I was looking forward to this item because I love lip gloss and am always willing to try new ones.  I generally stick to more red/berry or maybe neutral shades, though, and this is just too bright for me.

Next was Zoya Nail Polish in Dot, a light pink.  I love Zoya polish but don't have too many of them, so I was very happy to get this one.  This is also a fairly "neutral" color that I will probably wear often.  This was also a full-sized bottle.  Zoya nail polish is generally around $9 a bottle, so this item alone almost makes up the entire cost of the bag!

Next was Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in One in Violette.  I already have a lot of eyeshadow, but I don't have many cream shadows, nor do I have this particular color.  It looked somewhat bright in the tube, and I wasn't sure how it would look with my skin tone, but it blended in nicely when I swatched it on my hand.  It also has some shimmer but isn't too sparkly, which is good for me.  I am looking forward to wearing this.  It will probably look nice on its own or layered with other colors (I have a darker purple that I want to try with it).

Next was skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud.  This came in a packet for a single use, so I'm not sure how much I will be able to assess its effectiveness.  According to the product description, it is supposed to rejuvenate and brighten your skin within minutes, so maybe I will notice a difference when I try it.  Ordinarily, I would use this right away.  However, my skin has been dry and sensitive lately, probably because of the cold outside and dry air inside.  I will probably wait to use this until my skin calms down a bit.

Finally, I received eyelashes by J.Cat Beauty.  I have actually never worn false eyelashes before, although I have toyed with the idea of wearing them (and getting eyelash extensions!) from time to time.  My eyelashes are long enough, but I wish they had more volume.  So maybe this will be my opportunity to try out something new.  I won't wear these to work, but I will use them the next time I am going out or have occasion to dress up.

Overall, I was pretty happy with this bag.  I will use most of the items, and if I can trade my lip gloss for another shade, then I will end up using that too.  I often see people comparing Ipsy to Birchbox, which makes sense since they are the same price and have similar items.  There is always so much variation that I don't think I can say that one is better than the other overall, but this month, I think Ipsy came out ahead for me.  

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