Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bespoke Post: May 2014 "Seared" Box Review + Promo Code

I subscribe to a lot of monthly boxes, but I thought that I should get my bf into some of the fun!  So I recently subscribed to Bespoke Post.  Bespoke Post is a subscription box for men that delivers new interesting lifestyle items each month.  In addition, the website also has a store where you can purchase many unique and useful products.  Each month, there is a new themed box, but there are also different options available.  If you aren't interested in any of the boxes, you can always skip the month.  This month was our first one, so we opted for one of the older boxes rather than the new one for May.  Here's what we got:

Himalayan Salt Block:  This is awesome.  I've never used a salt block before, but it will be an excellent addition to the kitchen.  This is basically a slab of pink Himalayan salt.  You can chill it and use it to serve anything from cheese to ice cream, and it will give an infusion of salt to whatever you put on it.  You can also heat it either on the stove or grill.  The block can reach temperatures higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is amazing.  You can use it to sear meat, while curing it at the same time.  I was very excited about this block.  I actually ordered a second one so that I can use one for hot cooking and leave the other one cold or room temperature.  We don't have a grill since we live in apartments, but this block will definitely be useful one day when we do!

WMF Spatula:  This is a durable stainless steel spatula that will be perfect for cooking on the salt block--or on anything else, for that matter.

Flavored Sugar Set:  These are cane sugars with sweet onion and habanero, respectively.  These will add a sweet and savory flavor to foods, and we are excited to use them. 

This was a great box by Bespoke Post!  Both my bf and I will be happy to cook or serve food on the salt block, and the sugars and spatula are perfect additions.  We are already looking forward to the next box!

If you are interested in learning more about Bespoke Post or would like to subscribe, click here.  Boxes are $45/month, and you always have the option of skipping if a month doesn't appeal to you.  I think it's a great box with quality items that are well worth the price.  Also, if you use the promo code LONELY, you get 30% off your first box!

Do you subscribe to Bespoke Post?  Which box did you get this month?    

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