Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Golden Tote Surprise Tote Review

I have heard good things about Golden Tote, but I had never purchased a monthly tote.  When Golden Tote offered a surprise tote for $100, it seemed like a good way to introduce myself to their clothing items.  My tote arrived last week.  Here's what I got:
Priddy by Puella Striped Top:  I like the pattern and soft fabric of this top.  However, it is definitely not flattering on me.  When I put it on, it is so large at the bottom that it looks like a tent.  I can't think of anyone I can give it to, so maybe I will try to wear it with a long cardigan over it in the fall, or I can wear it to sleep in.

Linen Shorts:  I wasn't too excited by these, but they are light and comfortable, so they will be good to wear this summer.  

Fantastic Fawn Chevron Print Dress:  I love this dress.  It fits me well and is very comfortable.

Sheer Tank Top:  I like the pattern and cut of this top.  I wish the material had some stretch to it, since it is a bit tight around my chest.  However, I am gradually losing weight, so I'm sure it will fit better soon.

I thought this surprise tote was pretty good, but if I had known what the items would be ahead of time, I probably wouldn't have spent $100 on it.  The clothes are good quality, and I can wear almost all of them, so I can't really complain.  But I wasn't really thrilled with it overall.  I think if I get a Golden Tote in the future, I will purchase one of the regular monthly totes.  That way, I will get to select at least some of the items.

Did you get a Golden Tote?  What did you get in yours?

If you are interested in learning more about Golden Tote or would like to purchase a tote, click here.

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