Friday, April 4, 2014

Fancy Box: Men's Mystery Box Review

When I found out that Fancy Box was offering mystery boxes, I had to buy one of each of the Men's and Women's boxes.  They both arrived today, and you can read my review of the Women's Box here.  I was a little surprised to see that the Men's Box wasn't actually in a box, but rather a padded envelope.  I got this for my boyfriend, but I won't see him until this weekend, and I couldn't wait to see what was inside, so I decided to open the envelope.  I just took some pictures, and then I put everything back!  Here's what I got (for my bf):
Fancy Notebooks:  My bf is always scribbling things on notepads, so I think he will appreciate these notebooks.  I also think he will enjoy what is written on the covers.  Apparently, sells these for $18, which I think is a bit much, but as part of this box, I think they are great.

Benjo's Dress Shoe Laces:  I looked for these on the Benjo's website, and it looks like they are the Nemo Blue color (the price on the website is $8).  I like these, but I'm not sure my bf will want to wear them.  His office is conservative, and he won't even wear patterned ties, so he may not like these.  According to Benjo's, however, "Nemo Blue is sly like a fox.  You can slip it into the most conservative settings, making the most subtle of expressions."  The color isn't too bright; it's more like a grayish purple.  So I'll have to see what he thinks when he sees them.

Apolis Leather Card Holder:  This is a sturdy card holder that my bf can probably use to hold something like his train pass.  I think he will like it.

One Hundred Dollar Bill Napkins:  OK, this is just so random.  I can't think of why anyone would ever buy these, except maybe as a gag gift?  I don't know.  But they are napkins, which are always useful.

L'Occitane Shaving Cream:  I was hoping to get a L'Occitane product in my box, so I was definitely jealous when I saw this.  If it had been hand lotion, I probably would have kept it for myself, but it's shaving cream, so the bf can have it.  I'm sure he will use it.  He's usually pretty low maintenance, but I have a feeling he will enjoy this "fancy" shaving cream!

This box seemed to have a much more random assortment of products than my Women's Box did.  Perhaps that was because there were more items in this box, and there wasn't really one "big ticket" item like the clutch in the Women's Box.  However, for $10 (plus shipping), this box was a good deal.  I'm sure my bf will use at least some of the items here, and it's a fun little gift, so it was worth it.  

If you are interested in buying one of the mystery boxes or one of the other Fancy Boxes, click here.  You can type "mystery" into the search bar to find the mystery boxes, or you can find a list of Fancy boxes by clicking under the "Shop" tab at the top of the page.

Did you get a Fancy Mystery Box?  What variation did you get?  Please leave your comments below!

Update:  I just gave the bag to my bf, and he really liked it.  He laughed at the notebook covers and is planning on using them right away.  He can put his Metrocard in the card holder, and he will use the shaving cream and possibly the shoelaces.  But the biggest surprise for me was the fact that his favorite thing was the napkins!  So silly, that one :-).  I'm glad he liked his gifts.

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