Friday, April 4, 2014

Fancy Box: Women's Mystery Box Review

Fancy Box offers several different monthly boxes, most of which are curated by various celebrities:  Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Rowland, Coco Rocha, Verbal, and Tyler Florence.  They also offer a regular Fancy Box full of interesting and fun items, as well as a Fancy Food Box.  I have never ordered any of the monthly boxes, but I recently found out about the Fancy Mystery Box.  This comes in three sizes:  small ($10 + shipping), medium ($20 + shipping), and large ($40 + shipping), and there are both men's and women's options.  I can't resist a mystery box, so I ordered one small women's box and one small men's box.  They both arrived today.  Here is my review of the women's box:


Midnight clutch by Emilie M:  This was the first thing I saw when I opened the box, and it is by far my favorite item.  It is a fairly large black clutch that also has a long shoulder strap.  I don't really have a good black clutch, so this is perfect.  It's a great size, and I'm sure I will be using it often when I go out.  Plus, I checked the site, and they are selling this exact item for $50!  So as part of a $10 box, this is awesome.

Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet:  At first glance, I thought I liked this bracelet...and then I realized that the turquoise beads were shaped like skulls.  Sigh.  I think I've mentioned this before, but I really don't like skulls.  I know they are "in" right now, and they are supposed to be edgy or something, but they're just not for me.  This bracelet is a good value as part of this box, since it sells on for $18, but I definitely won't be wearing it.  I will have to try to find someone who wants it so that I can either give it away or trade it.

Harold Import Co. Individual Pie Plate:  I've been meaning to get back into baking, so this will come in handy.  It would have been nice as part of a set, but it is very cute, and I can always use more kitchen and baking supplies!

After reading some other reviews of the Fancy Mystery Box, I was a little nervous about what I would get.  However, this was a really nice box.  The clutch alone is worth much more than the cost of the box, and even though I won't wear the bracelet, I like the pie plate.  I am tempted to buy another box to try my luck again!  

If you are interested in buying one of the mystery boxes or one of the other Fancy Boxes, click here.  You can type "mystery" into the search bar to find the mystery boxes, or you can find a list of Fancy boxes by clicking under the "Shop" tab at the top of the page.

There were several different variations in mystery boxes, so if you got a different one, tell me about it below!

Update:  I couldn't resist.  I ordered another (small) box.  It finally arrived.  You can read the review of that box here.

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  1. Do you remember your shipping weight??? I'm getting my second women's fancy mystery box and was super curious to see if it be your variation! Thank you. :)

    1. My total shipping weight was 1.9 lbs, but both the Women's and Men's were sent together, so I think that was the combined weight. The Men's "box" was actually in an envelope, so I would guess that the Women's box alone probably weighed a little over 1 lb. I am so tempted to get another box too. I hope you get something good!

    2. Thanks for letting me know! :D Mine's only 0.1 lbs........ XD I think my women's "box" is coming in an envelope and I think I know what I'm getting based on instagram and asking around. Sadly I don't think I'll get the awesome clutch you did, but I think my first men's box used up all of my luck in these Fancy mystery boxes!

    3. 0.1 lbs? Maybe it's jewelry! Your men's box really was great. I know what you mean about using up all your luck...I feel like any other box I order just won't measure up to this one. I may not be able to resist getting another one anyway, though! :-)

  2. What comes in the envelope? I've been curious but haven't been able to find it anywhere. Where Did you find it?

    1. Thanks for your comment! Do you mean the men's box that came in an envelope? My review of that is here:

      I seem to recall someone posting something about an envelope for her women's box...I believe there was a picture frame inside it, but I can't remember what else. I did give in and order another women's box, though, so I will report back when I get it--whether it's in an envelope or another box!