Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bespoke Post: "Heritage" August 2014 Review

I was expecting my Bespoke Post Box of Awesome to show up a little later in the month, but it was delivered yesterday!  This month, my bf and I opted for the "heritage" option.  Here's what we got:

Blue Claw Co. Leather Valet Tray:  This was the reason I wanted this particular box.  I have a basket in my apartment where I keep my keys and other little things.  My bf, on the other hand, is constantly having to search for his keys, wallet, etc.  This tray looks sturdy and well-made, and you can unsnap the corners and travel with it too.   My bf really liked it when he saw it.  Now he just needs to use it!

Makr Key Fob:  This is made of sturdy leather and makes your keys more identifiable.  My bf put his keys on this right away.

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne:  My bf doesn't usually wear cologne, but we both like this scent.  It is a "spicy, woodsy scent" that is masculine without being too much.

Word. Notebooks:  My bf likes to write and take notes, so he likes these and will use them.  They are also a convenient size to carry around.

Two Words Period Cards:  These were an extra item in this box.  They are a funny take on a business card.  They are cute, but I don't think my bf was too impressed with them, and we haven't come up with a  good use for them yet.

Both my bf and I were very pleased with our Box of Awesome this month.  The great thing about Bespoke Post is that you can choose your box ahead of time and have the option to skip if you don't want any of the available boxes that month.  The products are always well-made and definitely worth the $45 cost of the box.

Did you get a Bespoke Post box this month?  Which one did you get?

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