Sunday, August 10, 2014

SocialBliss The Style Box: July 2014 Review

I didn't fully realize just how busy of a month July was going to be for me, but it went by so quickly!  I missed writing several of my box reviews, so I am trying to catch up with them now, while not falling too far behind on my reviews for the August boxes that are starting to come!  

Anyway, this is for the July Socialbliss Style Box, which arrived somewhere around the third week of July.  The theme for the month was "don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle" and featured lots of metallics.  Here's what I got:

Melie Bianco Metallic Bag in Gold:  We received a Melie Bianco bag in a previous box, which was great.  This one is a large, metallic bag that can be used either as a clutch or a shoulder bag.  I was hoping for the blue bag, but I think I can work this gold one into an outfit as well.

Oscar de la Renta Esprit d'Oscar Rollerball:  I love this perfume.  The scent is hard for me to explain...sort of a soft, powdery floral, if that makes any sense.  It is described as having Egyptian jasmine and iris, as well as tonka bean and musk.  It is not too strong and seems appropriate for any time of the day or occasion.  I can't wear perfume to work, but I will certainly use this on weekends!

Gold Body Chain/Necklace:  I didn't realize that body chains were (back?) in style.  I do like the idea of it, but I think it's pretty clear that I can't pull off that look.  My bf and sister were both there when I tried it on, and both looked at me like I had lost my mind!  Fortunately, this can also be worn as a long necklace, which I actually like very much and is a much better look for me!

Gold Bead Earrings:  I have already worn these several times.  I have a few pairs of long gold earrings but not too many studs and minimal ones, so these are great.

Individual Eyelashes:  I haven't had occasion to use these yet, but I do like the idea of individual lashes (or little bunches of them anyway) rather than an entire row.  It seems like you could create a more natural look that way.  I am sure I will use these.

I really liked this box overall.  I've seen some negative comments about SocialBliss on message boards and Facebook.  I would say that, while some months have certainly been better than others, the same is true for most other subscription boxes.  SocialBliss is one of the more expensive boxes ($39.99 + $9.99 shipping), so I understand why people would hold them to a high standard.  However, when I buy subscription boxes, I do so with the full understanding that I might not like everything in the box.  It is a gamble--and one that I am willing to take.  Looking at my SocialBliss boxes, I have definitely liked and used more items than not, which is why I continue to subscribe.  I think the boxes are almost always well-curated, and I like the way they each follow a theme.  I am looking forward to this month's box!

If you are interested in subscribing to Socialbliss, click here.

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.  All opinions above are my own, and I have not received compensation of any kind from Socialbliss.  The box was bought and paid for at full price by me.

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