Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cuisine Cube: August 2014 Review

My Cuisine Cube box arrived a few days ago.  Cuisine Cube is a box full of gluten-free goodies, and it always introduces me to brands and products that I've never tried before.  Here's what I got this month:

The box was a little damaged in transport, but fortunately the contents were fine!

Modern Oats Certified Gluten Free Apple Walnut Oatmeal:  I like oatmeal, and this is a convenient single serving cup.  I will eat this for breakfast soon.

Alce Nero Rice Cakes:  Hmm.  I am not a big fan of rice cakes, so I wasn't too excited about these.  However, I may have thought of a good use for them.  I make these little snacks where I blend homemade nut butter with ground up oats and flax seeds and roll them into balls.  The first batch I made came out great, but the second one was a little too soft.  I think I might crush up these rice cakes and combine them with the nut butter mix.  Otherwise, if anyone has any ideas for what to do with rice cakes, let me know!

Liz Lovely Double Chocolate Cookies:  I generally prefer my cookies to be soft and chewy, but these are very good.  They are especially nice with a glass of milk.

Field Trip Turkey Jerkey:  This is less tough than beef jerky and has a great flavor.  I may or may not have eaten the entire bag immediately after opening it...but I don't feel too guilty since the entire bag only had 140 calories.

Charleston Gourmet Burger Co. Burger Sauce and Dinner Tonight! Burger Seasoning:  I just bought some burger patties, so I will use these for dinner very soon.  

This wasn't my favorite Cuisine Cube box, but I will still use all of the products this month.  I think I would have liked it better if there was a little more in the breakfast category and if there had been something else other than the rice cakes.  But overall this box was pretty good, and I'm looking forward to those burgers!

If you are interested in subscribing to Cuisine Cube, click here.  Subscriptions are $29.99/month.

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