Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Social Bliss The Style Box: June 2014 Review

My Social Bliss Style Box arrived yesterday!  I've subscribed to Social Bliss since their first box in January, and I've been mostly happy with what I get from them each month.  Last month, they departed a bit from their usual fashion theme by sending a beauty item as the main, featured product.  I was looking forward to this month to see how they would proceed from there.  Here's what was in this month's box:  

Fate Kimono Wrap:  Fate is the featured designer this month, and they designed this kimono wrap exclusively for Social Bliss.  It has holes for your arms, so you can wear it as a vest, a wrap, or a scarf.  I tried it on, and I think it would look better on me as a wrap or scarf.  I like the pattern and the light fabric, so I will definitely be wearing this!

Sunglasses:  I had been hoping for sunglasses this season in any one of my subscription boxes, and this is the first pair I've gotten.  They are a style that I would usually buy for myself, so I'm happy to have them.

Peruvian Warrior Ring:  I actually have a ring very similar to this one, and just like this one, it was made in Peru.  So I wasn't excited by this, but I do like it and will most likely wear it (mine has a blue stone, so they are a little different).  

Essie Magnetic Nail Polish in Lil' Boa Peep:  I had seen this polish in stores when it came out last year, and I always thought it looked interesting.  The one that I got is a unique silvery/coppery shade that I really like.  I tried to use the magnet to create the snakeskin appearance, and I managed to do it on one of my nails.  I will have to practice more to get it right, but the one that I did had almost a holographic appearance, which was pretty cool.

Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss:  I already have so much lip gloss, but this one is nice.  As the name says, it is very shiny.  Some people might find it sticky, but I don't mind the texture.

The Creme Shop Makeup Sponges:  This was an extra item that I got by using a promo code.  These will definitely come in handy!

I think I liked this month's box better than last month's, and I'm glad that the featured product this month was a fashion product.  I will be able to use everything I got this month, which is always a good thing!  For future months, I think I'd like to see Social Bliss feature smaller, lesser known designers of jewelry or accessories, the way they did in the January and February boxes, for example.  I think that would give this box a unique touch that would make it really great!  

What do you think of this month's Social Bliss The Style Box?  If you are interested in subscribing to Social Bliss, click here.  

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